Season's first cold front heading for Houston

HOUSTON - We may see our first real cold front arrive next Tuesday! We're not talking coat and gloves, but highs would only reach the mid-70s with overnight lows in the 60s. Skies would be cloudy with showers. Inevitably, when the system clears it'll warm up again, but nowhere near as hot as we have been this week.

The disclaimer is that this is a weather forecast based on the latest forecast data and unfortunately, it is subject to change. Like you, I hope it happens! Some computer models are gung-ho for this front, while others, predictably (pun intended), are waffling and keep it just to our north. The good news is that the models going for the cold are very reliable. The other bit of good news is that considering the time of year, we're due for a taste of fall.

Autumn officially starts this Thursday (9/22/16), but rarely does the climate match the calendar in our area. As I wrote yesterday, we typically see our first 50s for overnight lows around September 26th each year, but these last few weeks about been warmer than normal. I do not see us getting anywhere near that cool with next week's front, but it'll be a nice change from these mid-90s!

Another perk: for each successful cold front passage, our chance of receiving a hurricane through the rest of the season goes down significantly.

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