State: Arlington day care investigated after child burned

Parents say child was burned at day care

Little Jayden Haynes' infectious giggles are what keep his mom smiling. But on the inside, Laura Tejeda is consumed with concern. She can't help but tear up when she talks about it.

Tejeda said she was waiting in the car Monday while her boyfriend went inside Zone 4 Kids day care in Arlington to pick up their 13-month-old son.

"As soon as he walked in, the teacher from another classroom came out and said I'm sorry to tell you but Jayden's been burned," Tejeda recalls.

Photos Tejeda gave News 8 show how the burn immediately blistered.


The day care owner told News 8's Demond Fernandez over the phone that Jayden had reached for a plate of chili beans on a table and got burned, and that they immediately tried contacting the parents, leaving Tejeda a voicemail.

But Tejeda said they didn't get any calls or voicemails, nor did the day care take Jayden for medical treatment.

"They didn’t wrap it, they didn’t clean it, they just put water on it," Tejeda said. "That’s how we picked him up. [The wound] just open, not even wrapped."

Tejeda said she immedaitely took Jayden to the Medical Center of Arlington.

"Even the nurses were like, that’s a third degree burn," she said.

The state’s child care licensing department confirms to News 8 there is now an investigation ongoing into the day care, looking at possible standards violations regarding proper supervision. They say that investigation could take up to 30 days.

Over the past two years, online state records show they've found 17 out of 1,517 standard deficiencies at the day care, including a case of "supervision of children," where a teacher left students alone for less than two minutes. All those listed deficiencies have since been resolved.

Our attempts Thursday to get an on-camera interview with the day care owner were unsuccessful. She told us on the phone Wednesday her day care reported the incident to child care licensing and to police.

"Accidents do happen but take initiative to call me, call somebody," Tejeda said. She's since pulled Jayden from the day care.

"I don’t want the next baby to suffer, the next child to suffer," she said.

His scars, and her scars, will take a while to heal.

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