Neighbor runs into house on fire, saves young boy

Neighbor Rescues Sleeping Boy From House Fire

CARROLLTON -- Mariella Medina and Meghan Goss didn't know each other until Monday night.

"I got home and I could see the smoke coming out and a little of the fire," Medina said.

Mariella is the 22-year-old neighbor who lives a few houses down from the Goss family on Via Estrada in Carrollton.

"You could see the flames getting bigger so we ran that way," Medina said.

A fire that started in the Goss' shed spread to their house just after 11 p.m.

Goss was rushing to get her four children out of the house while her husband was fighting the flames.

But 7-year-old Xavier was still inside sleeping when Medina and her mother Dolores ran over to the home.

"As soon as she said [a child was inside] I just ran inside to get him upstairs," Medina  said.

As flames grew behind the house, Medina grabbed Xavier and charged back down the stairs.

"I was scared because I didn't know what was happening," said Xavier.

"A kid is in danger," said Medina. "That's the only thing that goes through your head."

The Goss family now has a backyard full of scorched wood and melted siding, but everyone is okay, including Xavier, who now has a new friend and hero.

"Thank you," Xavier said to Medina Tuesday morning. "For coming to get me."

"It's nice to know everyone is OK," said Medina. "That's the important thing."

The fire is still under investigation, but the Carrollton Fire Department believes it was accidental.

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