Man's longtime hobby of tiny trucks continues in retirement

DENTON, Texas -- Inside the Vintage Retirement Community in Denton, you will find one resident's room turned into a workshop.

"It's a hobby that is most unusual," said Steve Chennault.

Chennault is a 73-year-old resident at the Vintage who has crafted hundreds of miniature big-rig trucks out of materials most people could find around the house.

He builds every truck with precision down to the smallest details.

"Most people like fishing or hunting," Steve said. "Me? I like to build stuff."

His fascination with trucks began when he was five years old.

"I drew them on blackboards at school," he told us.

Today, the former assembly line worker sits at his desk, day and night, making truck after truck.

He saves many of them. But he also gives dozens away to members of the staff and friends.

"It's hard not to smile when he's around," said Liia Harmon, director of business development at the Vintage.

But it's time for Steve to start thinking about a future without his favorite hobby. His health is deteriorating after being diagnosed with cancer in his liver and lungs.

"I hate to say it," Steve said, "but sometime I'm going to have to quit."

Until then, he says he will keep building mini-trucks for as long as his hands will allow him.

"I'm going to live my life to the fullest," Steve Chennault said.

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