Plano man on clown encounter: "Instinct kicked in...and I hit him"

Police forced to take clown threat seriously.

PLANO< Texas -- It may be the very first confirmed case in North Texas in the latest epidemic of “scary clown” sightings across the country.

A man in his 20s who wishes not to be identified for safety reasons says he was confronted by a man in a full clown suit last week.

WFAA News 8 met up with the victim at the location where the alleged confrontation with the clown took place: along Russell Creek in Plano.

"I was just out here walking," the victim said.

The victim says he was walking the trail at around 8:45 p.m. Sept. 29, when he heard a rustling of leaves and a pinging noise. He says he knows now that the pinging noise was the baseball bat hitting a guard rail.

"The individual in the clown mask confronted our victim and said, 'Do you wanna play a game?'" said David Tilley of the Plano police told us.

The victim says the clown said it menacingly in a "deep and scary voice." He says the clown had the bat in his right hand. The clown took several steps toward the victim.

"His option was to fight or run," Tilley said.

The victim told News 8 that he did not hesitate. He says he used one hand to shield the clown's baseball bat and the other to throw a punch.

"Instinct kicked in […] and I hit him," the victim said.

The victim says he hit the clown square in the face. He said blood dripped through his mask as the clown ran back into the woods.

The victim called police immediately and an officer responded and took down an incident report. The report details a man "dressed in a clown mask" and full suit "carrying a baseball bat" jumping out of the woods along the trail.

"It's awful. I mean, what can you say? That's horrible," said Mark Evans who uses the trail along Russell Creek.

That clown clearly didn't know the 6-foot-4 man he confronted has mixed martial arts experience.

Police are looking into it and have put out more patrols in the area. Tilley says that if this is a prank, it is not a good or safe one.

"This can be a deadly game,” Tilley said. “We're in Texas. People carry.”

Our victim says he normally does carry a weapon, but he didn't on this day.

"That's what really scares me,” he said. “Halloween is coming up, and how do you know what's real and what's fake?"

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