Man records Dallas traffic stop on Facebook live

Man records traffic stop on Facebook live

DALLAS — When Dominique Green was pulled over by a police officer on Sept. 10 in northwest Dallas, he did what others are doing during traffic stops.

He went live on Facebook.

"So I'm getting pulled over for sitting in a parking lot in the Auto Zone because I didn't use a turn signal 100 feet," he said.

Green said he didn't commit an offense.

"I did not commit no offense."

Tuesday, he talked to WFAA News 8 from jail.

“Basically, I felt like I was being profiled," he said.

During an exchange with the officer, Green got angry and demanded to see a supervisor.

"Where's your sergeant, bring your sergeant here," he told the officer. "I'm not talking to you anymore."

Green refused to identify himself or get out of the vehicle when the officer asked him too. State law requires you identify yourself when pulled over.

"Because I felt like it was harassment," he said of why he refused to identify himself.

What surprised people the most was the fact that Green admitted live on Facebook he had drugs inside his car.

"I do have some [expletive] I got to hide," he said. "I got some stash."

“Because I knew they were going to trip over that stuff," he said of why he disclosed that information to the officer.

According to an arrest affidavit, Dallas police found "a Pyrex pipe that smelled of burnt marijuana" and cocaine.

He also had a suspended license and no insurance. At one point, he joked about being shot but the officer remained calm.

Eventually, a supervisor arrived and while Green was talking to him, the initial officer opened the door and pulled him out of the car.

“Man, you are just going to open the door," he said to the officer.

Police say after Green was out of the car he spat on the officer and shouted, "When I get out I'm going to hunt you down; I’m going to kill you and your wife."

Green said he never threatened the officer and claims he's the one who was afraid.

”They are already scared of a person of color," he said. "They are already scared of what we are going to do to them, but they don’t know we fear them even more to the point they fear us. But, if we are scared of them, they are scared of us."

He says black men fear police, and he's tired of constantly being pulled over. But, police say this is the kind of behavior they have to deal with day in and day out.

Green was charged with 11 offenses.

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