College Station mom says school buses are too crowded, district responds

CSISD address bus route concerns.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A College Station mom says the school bus her child rides is often too crowded and some students are forced to sit on the floor. 

Louriee Palmer lives in the CastleGate neighborhood and she says her side of town has grown tremendously over the past few years. As a result, the buses are too full. 

"My daughter would complain about three to a seat," said Palmer. "I heard stories about kids having to sit on the floor."

Palmer's daughter is now old enough to drive herself to school, but her son still rides the bus and doesn't get home until 4:30 p.m. Other parents have voiced their concerns online. 

"I've got some parents whose kids don't ride the bus anymore," said Palmer. 

With Palmer's concerns, we reached out to College Station ISD. The district's transportation director says some buses are full, but not over the limit. 

"You have buses that are rated at 71 passengers," said Hector Silva, the district's transportation director.  "We never exceed that number. That's illegal." 

Silva says some buses may have more students than usual because of the start of the school year and adjustments could be made when things settle down. 

However, if a bus driver does encounter too many students, another bus will be sent to provide relief. Silva also says there has been no record of students sitting on the floor. 

"I spoke to drivers, and specifically the driver maybe you're alluding to, and he does not have any knowledge of any of the kids sitting on the floor," said Silva. 

To keep students safe, Silva says he welcomes feedback from parents. Cameras are also installed on the buses and can be reviewed for any concerns. 

As for Palmer, she hopes some relief will come soon. 

"College Station's grown so much so fast. I just don't think we were ready for it," she said. 

Silva says about 20 new buses will arrive within the next few months. 




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