Teacher challenges Quanell X's accusation

Quanell X wants an HISD teacher fired for allegedly using the 'f-' and 'n-' words when talking about President Obama.

A cable access TV show is putting its money where its mouth is.

Tommy's Garage is offering a $1,000 to a Houston community activist if he can prove one of its hosts used the 'f-' and 'n-words' when talking about President Obama.

The cable access and YouTube show is only six weeks old, but has been in the political cross hairs recently. Now its hosts are firing back.

Tom Adkins held up a fistful of $100 bills and said, "There's a $1,000 that says Quannel X is a liar. Put up or shut up."

The comments follow Quanell X's news conference Friday.

A press release was issued announcing Quanell was demanding the removal of a HISD teacher Angela Box for racist remarks, using the "f-" and "n-words' about President Obama.

"You make such insulting remarks about African-Americans," Quanell said.

But Box denies those claims.

"This is a lie. I demand that he apologize to me," she said today.

The late night cable access TV & Web talk show host and former actress teaches third grade at HISD's Daily Elementary School.

That's where Quanell and one parent—whose children are not in her class—had addressed the media last week.

Some parents reacted.

HISD confirmed Monday what Quanell had said Friday, "A number of them are pulling their kids out of the school right now because of the Miss Box situation."

Box says she keeps her two jobs separate.

The hosts aired clips today criticizing republicans and cheering a female Muslim pilot who had led the first strikes on ISIS.

"Can we please, please trade her in for Obama, and throw in Joe Biden, too," Box quipped on the show.

All this was to counter charges the hosts are bigots.

"Millions of Americans share my views and they're not racist either," Box said. "This false and malicious quote has damaged my reputation and caused significant harm to me."

Box declined comment on any potential lawsuit.

Quanell X admitted his publicist had made an error in the press release and didn't take any responsibility for the mistake.

Instead of an apology, the community activist offered $1,000 of his own if Box would debate him face to face.


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