School bus violators be warned, officers on watch

Officers are cracking down on drivers who violate the law and drive around school buses.

CROSBY, Texas- Not all drivers are following the rule to not pass when a school bus stops to pick up kids, a dangerous problem that officers are increasingly ticketing for. 

"Slow down, be careful, keep our kids safe," said Greg Nason, deputy for the Harris County Sheriff's Office. 

The law states that a driver is supposed to stop in either direction when a school bus is stopped on a one-way street or a road with a turning lane.

At FM 2100 in Crosby, deputies warn and ticket drivers passing stopped school buses all the time. 

"It's very concerning, because most of the motorists, they're busy," said Nason. "They're texting. They're eating their food.  They're reading a newspaper while driving a motor vehicle."

He said that isn't just passing school buses, drivers often run stop signs and speed through school zones making it more dangerous for kids. 

Nason has written more than 200 tickets for the violation. 

"It's overwhelming," said Naso. "They could have a full-time task force doing this around the county." 

Captain Jesse Inocencio started a bus patrol in Crosby after receiving complaints from parents. 

"There's kids all over the street.  I mean, they're on their bicycles going to school," said Inocencio. "Pay attention to what you're doing."

Traffic tickets for this type of violation can cost $1,250 with court fees.

The stops at this section in Crosby brought in a quarter million dollars to Harris County last school year, which go back into the county's general fund. 









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