The Autumn air is so close, yet so far.

HOUSTON - This is the time of year when everyone who's spent the summer in Houston is ready for a change. There's something about sweating through a fresh t-shirt just because you took the trash out. There's the defeating experience of opening the cooling bill only to see triples digits (and I'm not talking about your backyard thermometer.) Did you know your car windows actually work? Perhaps you'd forgotten because you've been running the AC on high since April, since its the only way to survive your commute.

Hopes for cool breezes and dry days start to rank up there with winning the lotto and finding true love. Okay, maybe that was a bit extreme, but just about anyone will tell you they're ready for fall.

Hope is a powerful thing ... It can swing elections and on a much lessor scale, influence my weather forecasts. When I see one of the season's first cold fronts coming our way my hopes rise. 70s and sunshine? Yes please! Then reality kicks in. It's not going to make it, this time. Summer is still too strong.

In our forecast this weekend, autumn air will come tantalizingly close. But, we'll be stuck in the swampy, tepid weather pattern we've come to know and love ... expect.

While the front will fizzle out just to our north, it'll focus pockets of heavy rain in the form of downpours and thundershowers, periodically, all weekend.

We'll have to wait until October to get a real taste of fall. Hang in. We're almost there. (Is that the smell of, "frosty mornings and maple syrup"?! ... Nope... It's the drafty, damp AC crawling down my neck and the sweet smell of moldy air ducts. Darn, maybe next month.) 




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