'Lucky' kitten survives flood by hiding under hood of woman's car

A very small kitten survived flooding by hiding under the hood of a woman's car.

ROSHARON, Texas – A kitten named "Lucky" earned his name the hard way, when he escaped as a stowaway from one Texas flood, only to run straight into another one.

A week ago Sunday, Pat Joblinsky was vacationing in San Marcos. The weather was terrible. "1 a.m., they woke us up – mandatory evacuation," Joblinsky said.

By 2 a.m. Joblinsky was on Interstate 10 heading east as it was rained, well cats and dogs.

On the road, Joblinsky remembers, "I heard a kitten and I thought I am really stressed out I'm hearing cats."

The next morning, back home near Rosharon, she heard that meowing again.

"I came over here, lifted up the hood and there he was," Joblinsky said.

A tiny kitten, weighing 1 pound, was sitting on her engine block.

Apparently, he'd hitched a ride on her ark. Considering the engine gets so hot, how could the kitten have survived? Joblinsky has a theory on what kept the engine cool.

"Maybe because it rained, it rained all the way home on I-10," she said.

Wherever he rode, it seems likely he was a stowaway. Turns out the campground in San Marcos did have a cat which recently had kittens.

But Joblinsky's cat, escaped the Hill Country floods, only to run straight into the Brazoria County floods and all its dangers.

But Lucky Fenny, as Joblinsky named him, seems to have plenty of lives left. She's keeping him.


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