League City clinic reopens, no Ebola case

LEAGUE CITY -- A man who had recently traveled to Africa walked into a League City clinic shortly after 11 a.m. Friday after feeling ill.

By 1 p.m., he had been transported to the isolation bio-containment unit at UTMB in Galveston. There, doctors said testing revealed the man has an upper respiratory infection, not Ebola.

The man had gone to the Immediate Medical Care Clinic on the 2400 block of East League City Parkway. EMTs from Galveston County were immediately called in with full protective gear to transport the patient to UTMB.

After he was transported, other patients inside the clinic were quarantined and not allowed to leave for a few hours until UTMB specialists determined the patient did not have Ebola.

The man had recently travelled to Equatorial Guinea in West Africa. However, experts said it is not an at-risk nation.

"He came from Equatorial Guinea, which is a western African nation, but it is completely separate from the afflicted region," said Dr. David Callender, president of UTMB-Galveston. "It's not included in any CDC advisory. Guinea is one of the countries that's been affected so there can be some confusion."

Callender added, "This patient has not been exposed to Ebola virus disease. There have been no reported cases in Equatorial Guinea."

The man was held for a few hours at the hospital to be treated for his upper respiratory ailment.

"This gentleman actually did not have fever either which also makes him--really puts him in a low risk status," Callender said.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has designated UTMB-Galveston an official Ebola treatment facility, one of two in the state. The other is in the Dallas area.

Dr. Callender said today's events provided good practice for his staff and EMTs.

"It was a great drill for us and they all performed magnificently, so I'm very proud of them," Callender said. "They went through all the things that we would do for a patient who is at high risk."


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