Jason Sheats said his faith saved him after daughters were murdered

The Katy man whose wife killed both their daughters before police killed appeared on Dr. Oz show Tuesday. Jason Sheats credits his faith with surviving the horrific loss.

The Katy man whose wife murdered their two daughters before police shot and killed her appeared on the Dr. Oz show Tuesday.

Christy Sheats shot Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, at their home back in July. A Fulshear police officer then shot and killed Christy when she ignored orders to drop her gun.

The girls were killed on Jason Sheats’ birthday as he watched in horror.  

 “I have nothing good to say about her. Nobody who loves her children can do that to her children,” Sheats told Dr. Oz.

Christy had called a family meeting and Jason thought they were going to tell the girls they were getting a divorce. Instead, she pulled out a gun she had hidden in the couch.

“No matter what I do, where I run, no matter what I occupy my time with, I will never be able to get those thoughts out of my head,” Sheats said Tuesday.

Madison and Taylor Sheats both called 911 before they were shot.  In the recordings, Jason , could be heard begging his wife not to shoot them as the girls screamed in the background.

“Please don’t point the gun at us … I beg you, please put it away,” Jason Sheats pleaded. “I’m sorry. I promise you, whatever you want … “

After the girls were shot, they all ran out the front door. Christy followed and shot Taylor again as she tried to run away. Taylor died from gunshots to the head and back.  Madison died from a single gunshot to the neck.

“Why do you think God saved you,” Dr. Oz asked.

“I wish he hadn’t,” Sheats answered. “I wish he would’ve saved them and I was gone.”

Sheats credits his faith with helping him go on.

“The one verse that helped me, that as a young man I really never understood, is Psalms 46:10 where it says, ‘Be still and know that I am God,’” Sheats said. “I know that he’s God now, more so than ever, because it took that kind of power to save me.”

Christy Sheats had tried to commit suicide at least twice before, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

Jason Sheats told investigators his wife’s downward spiral was triggered by the deaths of her grandfather and her mother in 2012.

He said she was treated for depression and was on various medications. She also saw a therapist.  

But Sheats told investigators she had never been violent before. 

The gun was given to Christy by her grandfather. Jason said she applied for a license to carry in the state of Texas but was denied.

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