Houston residents weigh in on the latest Dome plan

HOUSTON – Some Houston residents are weighing in on the latest Astrodome plan announced by Harris County Judge Ed Emmett during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

When it comes to the 8th Wonder of the World there will always be people like Roy Rivers who are adamant about preserving the structure.

"Save the Dome!" he exclaimed.

Rivers was there with his Dad that night in 1965 when history was made.

"If I die tomorrow I am satisfied. Got to go to the Dome, saw the Yankees and saw Mickey Mantle hit a home run," he recalled.

The 74-year-old man is in better shape than most 30-year-olds and much better than the Dome.

"I do three miles here (Memorial Park) everyday," he said.

He's been running here for 40 years, but would be happy to relocate to an indoor environment, which is exactly Emmett's idea.

Emmett announced an idea to transform the Dome into the world's largest indoor park.

It is different and interesting to many, especially when you consider each of the Dome's levels is four-tenths of a mile around. That leaves plenty of room to run, over three miles in fact.

There would be plenty of space left over for anything else you can think of.

Dena Coats is an athlete and personal trainer, braving the noontime heat at Memorial Park for a six-mile run.

"I think it is good idea for people who don't want to be outside. Older people, kids, especially if there are places inside the facility for kids to work out too," Coats said.

There are plenty of issues to work out including the big one: access.

"You know you have to pay to park everywhere. When they hear you don't have to pay to park then they might like that even more," Coats added.

This Astrodome park idea does have many things in common with Memorial Park.

It is a park that you would have to drive to get to, but it has one distinct advantage during the heat of the day: AC.

"That this the difference right there," Rivers said.

It is a double-edged sword because some people like their parks the old fashioned way.

"I just like this being outside," one runner said. Even at noon in August with barely a breeze.

So the Dome fight goes on, which round is this anyway?


Latest Astrodome proposal: massive indoor park


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