HOA leaves residents with no water

HOUSTON -- Residents of the Glenshannon Townhouses in southwest Houston are angry after spending hours without water.

The townhouses are located in the 8700 block of Wlicrest Drive.

"If this is what you consider water conservation, I'm doing my part today" said Frank Stone. It's enough to piss you off. It really is"

People living in one of the 155 units had to get creative. Kevin Valencia took a shower with a cup.

"I had to cup it then run it through and then scrub myself and then cup it again," he said. "So it took about 45 minutes to get a shower in."

The residents and individual owners pay their HOA for water and the association pays the city of Houston. A spokesperson with Public Works tells us the bill was months late and they had no choice but to switch the water off.

Kevin Valencia is fed up.

"It's frustrating because you think in the back of your mind oh everything is taken care of," said Valencia. "You know I did my part so they should do their part."

The association manager admits she doesn't know exactly what happened but assures us it wasn't on purpose and that the tenants are her first priority.

She claims the bill was in the process of being paid when the water was cut off. By the end of the day, Public Works employees were out to turn the water back on.

Stone pays more than $2,000 a year for the upkeep of the property and to keep his water running.

"That's my biggest thing is this isn't fair to any of the tenants that pay their homeowner association dues," he said.


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