Local feed store targeted by animal-stealing burglars

Animals are being targeted by thieves at a local feed store.

HOUSTON - Criminals have been repeatedly breaking into the Wabash Feed and Garden store and stealing one of iconic shop's most popular items: live animals.

"They seem to like the rabbits, pigeons, poultry and some chickens," explained store manager John Berry, who says the business has been hit three times this year alone. "I think they are stealing the animals and probably re-selling them at a flea market."

Wabash recently moved to a new location on North Shepherd Drive and has been battling crooks ever since.

The store says criminals have broken in overnight, stealing more than 30 rabbits, 20 chickens and dozens of pigeons, an inventory worth more than a $1,000.

"Well for me personally, it's frustrating," Berry said. "How are the animals going to end up? Are they going to end up a in good home? Probably not."

During the last break-in in April, burglars used a bolt cutter to get past a razor and barbed wire fence. They also cut through metal rabbit cages to get to the animals.

Wabash employees say they will upgrade security, adding cameras, more secure animal housing and better lighting to deter crime.

These are changes they are saddened to make.

"People come here to relax and just to see an animal," Berry said. "When the cages are all locked up and there is razor wire strung up, it's not as appealing."

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