Weather Blog: First cold front just a tickle and a tease

HOUSTON - As Nelly once sang, "it's gettin' hot in here!" With temperatures stuck in the 90s during the afternoon, we all want to know one thing: "when will Autumn finally arrive?"

The first cold front of the season is on the books for the northern tier of states this week but it lacks the push to get it all the way to the gulf coast. However, it does serve as a reminder that the seasons are indeed changing!

It's not totally unheard of to get a cold front through Houston in the first two weeks of September. Looking back at the records, its happened many-a-time. Here is a look at the records for the first two weeks of September provided by the Houston National Weather Service office (HGX):

Every single record low for the first two weeks of the month show us getting into the 50s or low 60s. A quick side note, two of the three 60 degree readings were recorded downtown before Bush-Intercontinental Airport was built meaning they're warmer than they otherwise would have been if IAH had been around at the time.

According to Chief Meteorologist David Paul, the average day for the first cold front arrival is September 20th. That's when the humidity is given a karate chop and the afternoons are noticeably more pleasant with lower dew points and warm afternoon temperatures that leave many rejoicing over a good, no, fantastic hair day.

The cold front that we're tracking may slip into Dallas-Fort Worth heading into the weekend but it'll stop far short of our area. What that front will do is help to enhance our rain chances heading into Saturday and Sunday.

So Watt does that mean for your Sunday tailgate at NRG stadium? It means if we can't  get a legit cool down with a cold front, you may get some reprieve from a passing shower or three heading into the afternoon.

For those wishing for Autumn, hang on just a few more weeks! Believe me, I'm counting the days myself.



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