Fall is right around the corner

HOUSTON - The only sign of fall has been the changing sun angle and shorter days. Otherwise, the heat is still blazing and you can still wear the air, as humidity values match those of July. It's safe to say that most of Houston is ready for the comfortable, autumn weather we can only dream of in August. Hang in, the inevitable pendulum of the changing season is only a few weeks away from swinging into Houston. 

If history teaches us anything, it's that true fall air is likely to be only a few more weeks away. While there's no cold front on our door step today, there may be a weak front coming our way next week to at least take the tropical humidity out of the air, followed by a stronger one in early October which could actually drop temperatures.

Here's what history reminds us:

First 50s (for overnight lows)

  • Earliest in history: 9/6/2011
  • Average first occurrence: 9/26
  • Latest occurrence: 10/19

First 40s (for overnight lows)

  • Earliest in history: 9/22/1983
  • Average first occurrence: 10/15
  • Latest occurrence: 11/18/15

First 30s (for overnight lows)

  • Earliest in history: 10/13/1977
  • Average first occurrence: 11/11
  • Latest occurrence: 12/13/1988

My feeling is that these summer doldrums will be but a distant memory before we know it. Who knows: this may be the year Houston gets snow! We can dream, right? If you like what you read, please like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. -Brooks


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