Deputies: 4-year-old dead after finding gun in babysitter's home

4-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed after finding gun in babysitter's house.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - The quiet of a Sunday morning did not last long in the Imperial Green Neighborhood off Airtex and I-45 North.

More than a dozen police and emergency vehicles crowded the small street after a call of a shooting involving a child.

Harris County Sheriff's Office Homicide Detectives say that it appears that a 4-year-old boy got his hands on a loaded gun in the home and somehow shot himself.

The boy was not breathing when EMS crews arrived and they could not revive him.

Family members later identified the young victim as Codrick McCall Jr.

For hours, Codrick's parents were kept outside the house in the back of separate constable's vehicles.

Neither of them were at the scene at the time of the incident but at least three other people were at the scene Sunday morning. Two of them were brought outside the house with brown paper bags covering their hands until they could be tested to make sure they did not have gunshot residue on them.

Investigators would not comment on where the gun may have come from or if anyone else was with the boy when he found the gun.

The grief of a mother losing a child is inexplicable, but that grief extends when the child is lost in the care of another.

Now there are multiple families devastated by the combination of a 4-year-old boy and a loaded gun.

Pink Townsend lives a few doors down, "Me and my wife we was just coming from the store. We did not know what was going on," he said, but like everyone in this small neighborhood they assumed the worst.

It would be worse than they imagined, "It is a tragedy is what happened," Townsend said.

Within minutes of the incident the streets and sidewalks filled with neighbors and family of the victim, including his mother and father.

The house is occupied by a long-time friend of the young victim's mother where the boy was left overnight while his mother celebrated her birthday.

Just after noon, an ambulance had to rush back here after the grief that had been building all morning was finally too much for the woman who was caring for the boy in her home.

She had to be taken to the hospital after collapsing multiple times in the street in front of her home.

The incident has the entire neighborhood stunned, "It is horrible. I can't imagine the pain, whoever's fault it is. The kind of guilt they are going to live with," said Nour Chalhoub, who lives across the street.

"Somebody is at fault. It is definitely not the child," Chalhoub added.

Harris County Homicide Detectives said so far, no one has been charged with negligence or anything else but the case is being prepared for a grand jury.

There has been no word on the condition of the woman who lives in the home who collapsed after talking with detectives.

This is the second fatality involving a young child and a gun in just a few days. A three year old died on Friday in Northwest Harris County.


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