Big rig driver unknowingly crashes into car

The big rig driver says he thought a tire blew out.

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas – Erin Reynolds says she blinked then saw the grill of an 18-wheeler in her driver side window.

The driver of that big rig, Russell Neal II, said he felt a bump and thought he had a blown front tire.

When he saw smoke and finally stopped on the side of Interstate 69 just south of Cleveland, he couldn’t believe what was in front of his truck.

Reynolds’ silver Hyundai Sonata was crunched against the front of Neal’s truck. Reynolds wasn’t injured but was shaken up.

“All I could think to do was pray and to hope that I wasn’t going to roll, because I figured if I rolled I was going to be in trouble,” Reynolds said. “I don’t think it’s every day you see the grill of a semi in your driver’s side window that close.”

Photos: Semi crashes into car



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