Bad-smelling water plagues Humble subdivision

Something stinks inside the Claytons Corner subdivision in Humble.

"It's kind of disgusting, the smell of it," said homeowner Lori Brussart.

It's the water flowing through the pipes and into the homes.

"Sometimes the smell comes out skunky, smells like rotten eggs sometimes, it's so bad," said homeowner Robert Orr.

"Like dirt, like topsoil, or mulch," said Brussart.

Homeowners like Lori and Robert have been dealing the smelly water for weeks now. The smell is horrible. The way it looks not really any better.

"Like a thick, mucky, like dark brown color," said homeowner Ellen Galvin.

Homeowners snapped photos captured how murky and cloudy the water has been. Si Environmental has come out to flush the hydrants, but what came out, looked pretty filthy.

And when the water does come out somewhat clear, a closer look and you see the dirt fizzle to the top, bubbling like someone dropped an antacid pill in the glass.

"Afraid to give it to my animals much less drinking out of the faucet," said Orr.

"I wouldn't't drink it, it's just like drinking mud," said Galvin.

The company admits the smell of the water has been different, but say it's safe to drink. Neighbors say if it is, then they should drink it first.

"I don't think they'd drink it at all," said Orr.

Si Environmental released this statement:

"We are aware of the resident's concern's and are working diligently to resolve the issue. We are flushing the area to bring in fresh water and keep the water moving. Up until a week ago, this area was receiving a blend of well water and surface water. The well had to be taken off-line for maintenance so this area began receiving only surface water that the District purchases from Lake Houston. The increased odor in the purchased water we are told is from more organic material than usual in the lake but they confirm that the water is and has been safe to consume."

But homeowners aren't convinced. All they want is clean water that doesn't smell.

"It's just a concern for me and my kids," said Brussart.


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