Prince Harry and his 'elephant tipping' African adventure

In Texas, call we it cow tipping. In Africa, it’s elephant tipping featuring photos of none other than Prince Harry himself.

New photos released of the prince in Africa  show him “tipping” an elephant as part of an effort to move the endangered animals to a wildlife reserve in Malawi.

The 32-year-old prince spent three weeks in Malawi where he joined conservation management group African Parks as part of an expert team with its 500 Elephants project, which aims to move the playful pachyderms to another park that's down on its elephant count.

The relocation process, however, is not easy. It involves sedating the elephants, getting them on the ground safely (tipping them), and then into trucks for the trip. More than 250 were moved this summer; the rest will be relocated next summer.

"A few of us trying to 'tip an elephant,' " Harry captioned a picture of a group of guys pushing against the side of an elephant. "This young male was fighting the sedative drug and was headed towards the trees, which would have made it very difficult for us to get him on the truck."

Another picture showed Harry leaning over the side of a prone elephant, marking it with paint. "Marking one of the young males so that he is easily identifiable when the family group is released back into the bush and we can keep them together. The spray paint disappears after a few days," his caption read.

Along with moving elephants, Harry assisted with relocating a rhino, antelope, buffalo and zebra, and helped re-collar lions with GPS collars.



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