Missing dog thrown from moving vehicle

On a road less than a mile from Brandon Mason's home, someone had thrown his dog, Davey, out like trash from a moving car.

Brandon Mason and Davey, his 11-month-old Boxer, have a bond only they understand.

It's a bond that was tested earlier this week.

"Rides with me everywhere I go," said Mason. "Sits on the couch watching football with me. Almost like a son."

Last Monday, Mason gave Davey a bone and locked the back gate to head to work. When he returned, the gate was open, and Davey had mysteriously disappeared.

"He wasn't sitting there," said Mason. "I was a little freaked out honestly."

Mason posted flyers. His family and friends searched the nearby woods for hours. He turned to social media, too.

"It was a long shot with the Facebook thing," said Mason.

But the story gets more twisted.

On a road less than a mile from Mason's home, someone had thrown Davey out like trash from a moving car. Two women saw it happen. They pulled over to help and snapped this photo.

And whoever threw Davey out of the car did it violently. The dog broke one of his hind legs in two different spots.

"When I heard that, I was pretty enraged," said Mason. "Scared for him seeing how he was."

SPCA officials told Mason they'd have to amputate Davey's leg. So Mason turned to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists for help. And Wednesday morning inside a hi-tech surgical suite, vets were able to repair the fractures. Davey never lost a limb. Thursday, he'll be back on the couch with Mason.

"Looking forward to it," said Mason. "I'm sure he is, too."

And to whoever stole Davey and chunked him out a window, Mason has a message.

"I hope the cops catch him," he said. "Hopefully karma smacks him in the face."

Mason filed a police report with the Tomball Police Department.

Mason says the surgery will cost $3,500. If you'd like to help with donations, visit Mason's GoFundMe page.


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