Aggies prepare to make noise at UCLA game

UCLA's Quarterback commented Kyle Field fans aren't loud. Aggies are ready to prove otherwise.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Aggies are getting ready to make some noise this Saturday. Not only because it is the first football game of the season, but also because some feel they are being tested. During an interview with an LA Times reporter, UCLA's quarterback said quote "After about fifty thousand people, it all sounds about the same."

Aggies are reminding quarterback Josh Rosen that it won't be the sound of 50,000 people, but more than 100,000. Students say they are ready to get loud.
"My first reaction was wow this guy is in for a rude awakening," said Andrew Skrabanek, an A&M student. "I got more excited whenever that happened because I'm ready to get in there and yell as loud as I can."

Yell leaders say that whatever game they are at, there will be noise.
"I know that on Saturday it is going to be loud and I want it to be really loud," said Cooper Cox, a junior yell leader.
Midnight yell is this Friday at Kyle Field. 
"On Friday night we will be teaching them roughly 12 yells to get them ready for Saturday so the 12th man is on cue and ready to go," said Ian Moss, another junior yell leader. 

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