Manager, 2 workers fired after Chacho’s employee-customer fight video goes viral


by Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News

Posted on April 8, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 9 at 7:05 AM

HOUSTON -- Video of a restaurant brawl has gone viral and KHOU has obtained another angle on what happened.

The scene played out during dinner time at Chacho's Restaurant in the 6000 block of Westheimer last Thursday.

The three women seen fighting with employees in the video are represented by attorney Peyman Momeni.

"As soon as we saw the video, the video speaks for itself," said Momeni. "Then we saw the second video we shared with you and that made it even worse for Chacho's."

The original video shows one of the women demanding a refund from an employee behind the counter.

WARNING: This video has language some viewers may find offensive.

The one minute video escalates when that employee walks from behind the counter and grabs the woman.

"This guy looked like he was in a tug of war competition,' said Momeni. "He had his entire body weight leaned back."

In the newly obtained video shot by one of the sisters, you can clearly hear her talking about the refund.

"So you're not giving me my money," she said.

The employee responds, "No."

She follows up by asking, "Why not?"

His response is clear, "Because you're a [expletive]."

According to Momeni, one of the sisters was drinking and the others were not. One of the non-drinking women asked for a to-go cup.

Momeni claims that instead of bringing out the cup, the employee picked up the alcoholic beverage off the table instead.

That's when she approached the counter about the refund.

We've learned that the owner has since fired at least one of the managers and two employees. The sisters plan to take civil action and are pushing for criminal charges to be filed in the case too.

Chacho's released the following statement:

"We apologize for the unfortunate incident that took place in the late afternoon of April 2, 2014 at our Westheimer location. We have been in business at this location for 15 years and in our other restaurants for over 30 years and have never experienced such an incident before.

As a result of our internal investigation, we have terminated the manager on duty and two employees."