Houstonians share incredible stories of how they survived tragedy with help from above


by Sherry Williams / KHOU 11 News


Posted on May 19, 2014 at 10:15 AM

Updated Monday, May 19 at 11:53 AM

HOUSTON -- If anyone ever needed an angel, it was Christina Dharamsingh.

When she was very young she married a handsome devil and soon she was living in Hell.

“Grabbing me and throwing me across the room, kicking me, stomping on me, spitting on me and all of that was normal for him,” she said, recalling things her now deceased husband did to her.

She said he would also hold torture sessions in which he would test the sharpness of his machetes on her. One day the situation got even worse.

“He came down, locked the door, stripped me naked, tied me up to the boiler room,” Dharamsingh said. “I just wanted to die because I was tired of the 15 years of rape, torture, beatings and abuse. I just knew in that moment I was gonna’ die.”

However for some reason, Dharamsingh’s husband did not kill her. In fact, he left the house. There was no one else around, she said.

“I felt the presence of someone in the room,” she said. “And the ropes were untied.”

She has no doubt an angel untied her.

And then there’s the case of Barbara Snitkin. It was 1959 near Wharton. She was riding on the hood of a tractor when it hit a hole and flipped onto her. She remembers dying, seeing a light and a friend who was killed in a car wreck a few weeks before.

“Out of the light is coming David or we called him Red,” Snitkin said.

“He had on a white cowboy shirt with silver snaps. His blue jeans were pressed perfect. His FFA belt buckle was gleaming and he came reaching for my hand,” she said.

Snitkin said she let go and returned to Earth for her parents’ sake.

“I think angels sometimes present themselves into forms that we can say, ‘yes,’ and accept,” said author and angel researcher Cindy Cline who wrote the book “Always Hope.” Her sister Marion, who committed suicide, inspired her, she said.

“Once you’ve had an experience, you can’t help but believe,” Cline said.

“We’re really spiritual beings having a human experience,” said Rev. Howard Caesar, Senior Minister of Unity of Houston. “Sometimes there’s an intuition as a strong thought that comes in that you know is not your own, something that stalls you or causes you to change your course of action,” he said. “We’re being helped all the time and people don’t realize it.”

Kristina Thorson’s help from Heaven came during a motorcycle ride with her husband near Cut ‘N Shoot.

“A lady was at a stop sign, didn’t see us,” she said.

The car hit them. Her husband went sliding down the road with the bike and Kristina went airborne.

“I remember waking up flipping through the air,” she said. “It just seemed like I was going to flip forever.”

She lost part of a leg and would require 13 surgeries.

As she lay in the road, “I just cried out to GOD, ‘GOD help me!’ I was like a little girl crying for their daddy or their mama,” Thorson said.

That’s when she said GOD sent an angel.

“I can see him. He’s wearing cowboy boots, blue jeans.”

She said the man asked if he could pray with her.

“That torturous pain that I have never felt anything like in my life, was gone,” after he prayed, Thorson said. However, “No one saw this man. No one saw anyone walk up to me that fit his description at all,” she said.

Clinical psychologist Dr. E. Ed Reitman said seeing angels during times of trauma could be the brain’s way of coping.

“It feels awful good to know that there’s someone, something there that we can have Faith in,” he said. “I believe that sometimes we don’t see it. We don’t feel it but there’s something there, guiding us, helping us.”

For true believers like Christina Dharamsingh there’s no doubt about help from Heaven. She eventually left her abusive husband, earned a college degree and has become a successful tax business owner.

“I feel very Blessed that GOD has angels looking after me,” she said.