Family sues Cy-Fair ISD, school administrators after son's suicide


by Leigh Frillici / KHOU 11 News

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 5:43 PM

HOUSTON—The family of Asher Brown stood outside of the Texas State Capital Tuesday and announced that they had filed a federal lawsuit against Cy-Fair ISD and Hamilton Middle School’s top administrators. 

They claim that their son committed suicide last year after he was repeatedly bullied at school.

"If the bullies were held accountable for their actions, we wouldn’t be standing here right now," said David Truong, Brown’s stepfather.

The lawsuit reveals details about their son being bullied over being gay and Buddhist.

It includes a claim that their son was kicked down two flights of stairs at school within a day of taking his life. 

The lawsuit also claims that evidence of the family’s complaints was destroyed. 

Cy-Fair ISD did not return phone calls requesting a comment about the lawsuit.

The family is asking that the district take a stronger stance toward bullying.

"We’re hoping that school districts do not sweep these things under the rug. Essentially, we’re lifting up the rug," said Truong.

The suit comes at a time when legislators are looking at strengthening the anti-bullying laws. 

There are two bills currently being proposed. State Rep. Garnett Coleman is proposing a bill that would teach educators how to spot signs of depression and emotional distress in students. Another bill would require schools have a more extensive plan when it comes bullying and cyber-bullying.

It’s something that education expert Deanna Pearl believes could help.

"I think something needs to be done," said Pearl. "We’ve got parents losing their children.  Yeah, something drastic needs to be done."