Judge: 5-year-old boy found beaten, malnourished to stay with great-aunt


by KHOU.com staff, Associated Press


Posted on April 8, 2014 at 7:29 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 9 at 11:25 AM

HOUSTON — A malnourished 5-year-old Houston-area boy allegedly locked in a closet by his father and stepmother will stay with a great-aunt when he gets out of a hospital.

A judge in Houston on Tuesday awarded temporary custody to the maternal relative of the Spring boy discovered beaten and underfed on March 27.

Law officers answered a domestic disturbance call involving the boy's father and his 16-year-old stepson. The teen reported the younger boy was neglected and forced to stay in a closet. Investigators say the rescued boy weighed just 29 pounds.

The boy's father and stepmother have been charged with felony child endangerment.

The boy's mother sought custody and will have access to her son when he's discharged from a hospital — but temporary custody goes to the great-aunt.

Officals said they will be taking random drug tests from the boy’s mother and her fiancé. His mother said she plans to spend all her time with her son, but the judge will not allow her fiancé to spend the night at the residence. 

Windy Hall said she’s OK with that, and that she just wants to build a bond with her child.

"We are going to go to McDonald's and get him a Happy Meal. That's what he wants,” she said after the court hearing.  

Hall said for two-and-a-half she had been trying to see her son.

She said she felt disgusted seeing her son's father in court.

“He stared at me the entire time, and all I can do is shake my head and look at the monster that did that to my child,” she said.  

The boy's father stated in court that he did not mistreat his son.

The child is still officially in CPS custody. Another hearing will be held in 45 days.