4K TVs offer 'window clear' picture

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Football season is upon is and soon there will be a new way to get that sideline feel without leaving the comfort of your couch through a television technology called 4K.

"4K is four times the resolution of a 1080p television," explains Kristen Layton, a systems designer for magnolia audio and video out of Best Buy.

"It's a lot crisper, a lot clearer, you're going to have a lot of fine detail. You're going to be able to see the image with shadows and dips."

Layton says their 4K TV's have been flying off the shelves lately.

One shopper, Mike Morris, was blown away by the picture quality.

"It's almost like you're standing there in person," Morris says. "I like to watch football; this would be incredible to watch a game on I think. It's like I'm in the stadium! Better than the seats I get!"

The image you see on your screen depends of the amount of pixels there are, the fewer the pixels the grainer the image. The same is true in reverse; a 4k image would be four times more crisp than a current high definition TV. But they aren't cheap. A 4K TV at Best Buy costs between $2,500 and $10,000 - not low enough for fans who want to experience the real thing.

"Why spend money in a man cave if you can spend on a ticket?" says Texan fan Tony Leonard.

Plus, cable companies have not caught up with this technology yet. Some movies can be uploaded to a special Sony server and watched, and Netflix is streaming a few of their programs 4K too. However, not football - not yet.

"I would say within the next year or two you will have a lot of cable companies that will offer 4K for regular cable channels," Layton explains.

And that's when many football fans say they'll be prepared to invest.


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