Kari's Law for 911 access now in effect

AUSTIN - A new law that makes it easier to call 911 from businesses goes into effect Thursday. The law, known as Kari’s Law, requires businesses that operate multi-telephone systems to give callers direct access to 911 without having to dial any other digit or prefix first.

Kari’s Law was named after 31-year-old Kari Hunt. She was murdered in a motel bathroom by her estranged husband, but her nine-year-old daughter dialed 911 four times. However, the call didn’t go through because she didn’t know to dial 9 first to get an outside line.

The law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott in March 2015 and the law is now in place. However, businesses can request waivers for non-compliant systems and can file for waivers up to three years in a row, but may be contacted by authorities after the third waiver to provide “additional guidance” in an effort to comply with Kari’s Law.


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