The story behind the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

HOUSTON - In groups and alone, young, old, famous and not so famous, more than a million people have dumped freezing water on their heads for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

But there's a side you may not have seen; a firsthand look at a family dealing with ALS.

Diane Bennett was diagnosed two years ago. She can no longer walk or speak but her husband, Michael, are now her voice.

"We had a tough time dealing with that at first," explained Michael Bennett. "We had heard about ALS but we didn't know any more about it than it was called Lou Gehrig's disease. Our kids have had a tough time with it."

The disease attacks nerve cells leading to full body paralysis; however, the mind stays sharp as ever.

"It's like your mind is trapped inside your body," explained Catherine Jeffery with the ALS Association.

Catherine and her co-worker, Paulette Bennett, have noticed a huge spike in support since the icy campaign kicked off.

"Last year we didn't have anything compared to what we got this year in donations and it's been awesome," said Paulette.

Nationwide, since July 29th, more than $53 million has been raised compared to just $2.1 million all of last year. And so far, 1.1 million donors have given for the first time.

"It's just like an answer to prayer that's exactly what it is," said Paulette. "The beauty of this, it's brought a total new awareness to ALS. And if it takes pouring ice water on your head to get that done then so be it!"

Click here if you would like to donate to the Texas ALS chapter.


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