Texas couple spends $100K to guarantee a baby girl

FRISCO — A Frisco couple says they spent $100,000 on fertility treatments to ensure their third child was a girl.

Rose and Vincent Costa, of Frisco, are the proud parents of two boys, and they've always wanted a girl. Now, at 36 and 37 years old, they'll have one.

The Costas spent $100,000 for several rounds in vitro fertilization. They say they didn't have fertility issues, but went through the process solely so they could choose their third child's sex.

The Costas spoke with Yahoo News, and told our sister station WFAA-TV they've had enough exposure. So for more, WFAA went to the clinic they used, Fertility Specialists of Texas.

"It's certainly much more common now than it was a few years ago," said Dr. Jerald Goldstein.

Dr. Goldstein explained that couples doing IVF will often do genetic screening of their embryos before they're implanted to avoid genetic disorders.

"And, as that's become more available, then obviously you can detect X or Y," he said.

That means for around $15,000 for one round of IVF, you can choose, girl or boy.

"If the technology's available, and you're not actually causing harm, then it seems like a reasonable option to be able to offer to patients," said Dr. Goldstein.

But, there are plenty who say there's harm here, like Christian Speaker Ray Bohlin, with Probe Ministries in Plano. Bohlin often discusses genetic engineering.

"You have perfectly healthy people who are choosing a process by which you know certain embryos are going to be discarded or killed," Bohlin said. "Is that a direction you really want to go, and are we willing to extend that for just eye color, or hair color?"

He sees it as opening an ethical can of worms. But, it's happening, and the Costas are proof.

Rose is four months along with her daughter she'll call Olivia, all while sharing her family's choice that could become more commonplace.


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