Judge receiving specialized treatment for flesh-eating bacteria

HOUSTON -- A 69-year-old justice of the peace from Orange, Texas, is receiving around the clock care in the Texas Medical Center after getting an aggressive flesh-eating bacteria.

Doctors believe it entered Derry Dunn's body while he was in the water at Crystal Beach in Galveston.

The bacteria apparently got into Dunn's right leg through a mosquito bite.

He has undergone two surgeries at Baptist Orange Hospital, and in both cases, doctors removed large chunks of dead tissue from his leg.

"The hardest part is, each morning, you don't know what's going to happen," said son Mark Dunn. "If you come out of surgery, you could be missing a leg."

Mark, who happens to practice family medicine, urged his father to seek medical treatment immediately.

It started with flu-like symptoms five days after the beach trip. Dunn's leg turned bright red, but he didn't feel any pain.

"If he went a day later, it could've been in the blood by then," said Mark. "If it had gone differently, things would've gone worse."

Dunn's family is convinced that aggressive treatment has saved his leg thus far.

He was transferred to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston on Wednesday night for a higher level of care.

"This is the best we can do," said wife Jane Dunn. "If he loses a leg here, we've done everything we can do."

Jane is still baffled as to how her husband's health spiraled downward so quickly.

She said he only went in the water once for about ten minutes to bring his grandson to shore. Ironically, she thought the ocean water would be good for mosquito bites.

"I had some grandchildren down at the beach that had mosquito bites all over their legs. I said, ya'll go in the water so it will heal your legs," recalled Jane Dunn. "Now, I think go in the water at your own risk."

Doctors are currently focused on treating Dunn's wounds. It's unclear if he will require any more surgeries.


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