Texas mom reminds parents to learn CPR




Posted on June 1, 2012 at 9:49 AM

DALLAS -- Aimee Colbert held her daughter close. It was just days ago on Memorial Day when a relaxing afternoon at the pool turned into utter terror.
"I had my laptop with me. I would periodically look up, scan the area and look back down." he recalled.
It was while she was looking down when 7-year-old Aimee's arms and legs got tired.
"I kept yelling help me. And nobody heard me," the girl described.

Neither the other children nor families nearby could hear her screams.

Colbert jumped into the pool and pulled her daughter's lifeless body from the water.
"She had foam coming from her nose and mouth,” said Colbert. “Her tongue was blue."
For the next several moments, Colbert desperately tried to bring her daughter back to life. Finally, Aimee took a breath. She survived with no lasting effects.

Now, Colbert is using it to warn other parents just in time for summer.

"Parents think that as soon as they take their eyes off of the child someone else will be looking."
Colbert wants to encourage parents to learn CPR.

"What is I was not there?  What if I was not there?  No one else knew what to do.  Thank God I knew what to do in that moment.  And she made it through."

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