Couple selling burgers to pay for kidney transplant

Couple selling burgers to pay for kidney transplant

Couple selling burgers to pay for kidney transplant


by Karen Grace / KENS 5

Posted on December 25, 2013 at 11:58 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- Juan Trevino's wife, Monica, had to terminate a pregnancy with twins after she learned she could die if she had them, because of a medical condition.

"When you see that person next to you dying that's when you really mean it," said Juan Trevino, 37-year-old father of four as he looked at his wife.

On Christmas Day, she's fighting another threat to her life: kidney failure.

She needs to raise enough money to get a transplant.

The couple owns a local restaurant and is creatively coming up with the cash.

It's Christmas, but every day is Halloween for the San Antonio couple. That's because they have transformed their restaurant into a house of horrors-theme.

But now they fear they will lose someone in their family if they don't raise enough money for a life saving transplant.

After 19 years together, there is one thing that frightens the Trevinos. Monica says she has less than two years to live unless she gets a kidney transplant.

"We can be talking right now and tomorrow she could be on life support," said Juan. In fact, he says Monica has been on life support three times.

The mother also had to terminate a pregnancy with twins to spare her own life.

"It was so hard," recalls Juan. "I had to make a decision. Either her or the babies," he said.

Her condition is called Vasculitis.

"My white cells attack my red cells," said Monica.

Right now, she says her body is rejecting dialysis. The family is desperate to pay for the surgery. They hope selling special barbecue hamburgers will raise the money they need for a kidney transplant.

"It already attacked my kidneys so my lungs are next," said Monica.

So far, they have raised $2,000. But they say they need $38,000 to pay for what insurance doesn't cover.

They also have a "Monica's Medical Miracle" website to raise money.

Juan hopes San Antonio will stand with them and not be afraid to help.

"She's my other half ," he said of his wife.

Raising the money is half the battle for Monica. She also has to find a kidney match who is willing to donate.

All proceeds from the "Thugizzle" barbecue burger will go toward Monica's transplant.

Monster Burger is located at 1922 Pleasanton Rd.