84-year-old doctor says he's ready for half-marathon


by KHOU.com staff


Posted on January 11, 2014 at 12:22 AM

Updated Saturday, Jan 11 at 12:40 AM

HOUSTON – Dr. Bernard Blumenthal has put a lot of miles on his 84-year-old legs. This great-grandfather first started running marathons at age 55.

“A year or two later, I did another marathon and I made it in the fastest time of my career, three hours, 59 minutes, so just under four hours,” Blumenthal said.

But following neck surgery, when he turned 65, he switched to half-marathons, and from running in races to walking.

He started doing marathons to show his patients, who had heart problems, the importance of exercise, and got hooked. His home is a virtual shrine to his habit.

On the day of the Houston Half-Marathon, he will be the oldest participant in the field.

“It’s something that I am proud of, that I can perform and of course it makes me feel better,” he said.

Sometimes he’s up training at 4:30 a.m., so he can get to work by 8. He still has patients and is in the office three days a week.

“Exercise represents the best drug you could take,” he said.

He’s an exercise junkie, who will never stop this habit.

“Until I am unable, and when I am unable I will try and ride the bike, but always will try and do something,” the doctor said.

Next month, Blumenthal will turn 85, and he will probably celebrate with a long walk.