Gas prices drop dramatically in Houston area

HOUSTON -- Drivers across the U.S. are getting some welcome news at the pump. Gas prices are plummeting and the Houston area is seeing some of the cheapest prices in the country.

"I look for cheap prices," said Vita Jattar.

"If it's a penny or two less they'll stop," said driver Randy Pewters.

At the Exxon on Broadway and Dixie Farm Road in Pearland, they're stopping all the time. Drivers like what they see: $2.51 per gallon if you pay cash. It's one of the cheapest gas stations in the country.

"That's the cheapest that I've ever seen in quite some time," said Pewters.

"Look across the street, it's $2.70 something," said Don Armstrong.

Here in Houston, the average is now below $3 a gallon at $2.94. That's the lowest prices have dropped since 2010. It's thanks to increased oil production and lower demand overseas. Drivers say they don't care what the reason is as long as the numbers stay low.

"I'll just search and find the cheapest gas and I go and get it," said Armstrong.

Drivers say the lower prices end up helping everyone. It forces gas station elsewhere to stay competitive and drop their prices too.

"Bottom line is what it's all about," said James Nolton. "If I can't get cheap gas, then I have to raise my prices to accommodate that."

Experts say relief at the pump should stick around for a while, and as long as it does so will drivers.

"I'll be coming here until it goes up," said Pewters.

Prices are incredibly fluid right now. Within just a few hours at this same Exxon gas station, prices dropped from $2.51 to $2.47.

Click here to find the cheapest gas prices in the area.


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