Facebook friends help donate tools after non-profit is robbed

A non profit organization in New Caney was recently robbed of all of their gardening tools. The organization called New Horizons helps disabled adults.

NEW CANEY, Texas - A non-profit in New Caney that helps adults with disabilities was recently burglarized.

The organization is called New Horizons. The group helps disabled individuals live as independently as they can by teaching life and vocational skills.

Patrons spend their days doing things like shredding paper, making teas and lotions, and gardening.

Some of their products are sold at the Kingwood Farmer’s Market. Each person is paid for their work.

However, someone cut through the fence on the property last week and stole all the non-profit’s gardening tools.

“It is just devastating to know that people would do something like that,” said Sherry Lemley, New Horizons Executive Director. “They virtually cleaned us out of our hoes and rakes and shovels and hand tools.”

“These are individuals that don’t want to get free hand outs. They want to come here and have some purpose in their life. They want to work. When you take these tools, you take away their ability to come out here and do what they love to do,” said Harry Field, a parent volunteer at New Horizons.

After the burglary, Lemley posted on Facebook asking for help. She said the response has been overwhelming.

Several people have brought donated gardening tools. She said more people are also learning about what New Horizons is and what their patrons accomplish.

“It’s been a true blessing. From what I understand, we’ve got more things coming. We may actually get thousands of shovels, when we only needed about 10!” said Lemley.

Although the group now has enough tools to continue gardening, they are still in need of the following items:

- 3-4 Wheelbarrows-2 wheeled for stability needs for our patrons
- Post hole diggers (heavy duty)
- 2 Sharp shooter shovels
- 2 Hoes (regular)
- 2 Warren hoes
- 2 Action hoes
- 2 Pitch forks
- 2 Transfer shovels
- 2-4 Garden wagons
- 1-2 Leaf blowers (Echo, Stihl brands)
- 2 Trenching shovels
- Gloves  (large, medium and small)
- 3-4 of each garden hand tools: spades, trowels clippers
- 2 Heavy duty limb pruners
- 1 Limb saw

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