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Paul Sadler
U.S. Senate - Democrat

Paul L. Sadler served in the Texas House of Representatives from 1991 – 2003. During his tenure in the Texas House of Representatives, he served on numerous committees including Education, Judiciary, Pensions and Investments, Health and Human Services, Calendars and was one of eight members designated to the Legislative Budget Board. His most significant committee work, however, was in the area of Education. Sadler served on the House Public Education Committee from 1993 – 2003 (serving as Chairman of the committee from 1995 – 2003). Chairman of the Select Committee on State Revenue and Public School Finance in 1997; and Chairman of the Select Committee on Public School Employee Health Insurance in 2001. Paul was the only house member to serve as Chairman of more than one committee in the same session. He had dual chairmanships in two sessions in 1999 & 2001.

Among his accomplishments as Chairman, include the re-write of the entire Education Code in 1995 (known as the “Ratliff-Sadler Act”); enactment of public school employee health insurance for the first time in the history of the State; passage of a $3.8 billion education package, which at the time included the largest property tax cut in the history of the State; provided teacher pay raises for three consecutive sessions for the first time in the history of the State; established critical need programs for prekindergarten and kindergarten; the ninth grade initiative targeting students at risk of drop-out; and increased funding for public school facilities.

Sadler has received numerous awards for his legislative work.

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