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Max Martin
District 36 - Democrat

I have lived in the southeast Houston and the Clear Lake area since 1955 and am currently in my home of over 23 years, located in the Bay Glen subdivision of Clear Lake City. The majority of my adult life was spent as a professional pilot. During those 30 years of flying commuter airline turbprops and private jets in, around and beyond the district, I feel I have a good sense of who we are, in relation to others in this country and the countries beyond our borders.

My time spent in management positions and entrepreneurial ventures have given me a keen prospective for what small businesses truly need from their government. Since 1998, I've managed my own educational software company, which became the #23 fastest growing business in Houston in 2001 and #54 in 2002. The company continued to grow until the recession crippled the world's economy and reduced it by two thirds.

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