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Jim Dougherty
District 2 - Democrat

Who I am is tied to my beliefs in caring about people- family and others, assuring opportunity for all, giving back to the community, and being a force for betterment of our surroundings. I was drawn into the political world because it is where policy issues matter, our everyday lives are greatly impacted, and too few people actively participate. Politics is about finding common ground for an ordered society, doing it honestly and with integrity, being forward looking, principled yet willing to compromise within reasonable limits, and seeking best practices for governing and for civic involvement.

My running for U.S. Representative in Congressional District 2, and in the past for District Attorney and State Representative, is and was in those beliefs. I want to help, I want to be supportive of those who share these beliefs, and I want people to have the choice of a candidate at the ballot box who represents their point of view.

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