Mario Williams' ex-fiance tells her story


by Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News & Michelle Homer /

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 4:25 PM

Updated Monday, May 13 at 10:03 PM

HOUSTON—The ex-fiancé of NFL star Mario Williams has filed a counter suit calling his accusations ridiculous, frivolous, and even "silly."

Williams filed a lawsuit last week demanding that Erin Marzouki return the $785,000 engagement ring he gave her.

The former Houston Texan, who now plays for the Buffalo Bills, alleged that his girlfriend of five years broke off the engagement and has refused to give back the 10.04 carat rock. 

The suit filed in Harris County Civil Court alleges that Marzouki "never intended to marry (Williams) and used the relationship as a means to get to money and acquire gifts."

Marzouki, represented by Houston attorney Anthony Buzbee, has now filed a counter-claim saying that Williams gave her the ring as an unconditional gift.

The couple began dating in 2007 and became engaged in February 2012.

Marzouki’s claim said they took a trip to The Bahamas with family members to celebrate the engagement. Williams became angry on the second day of the trip, broke off the engagement and chartered a plane back to Houston, the claim said.

That time, Marzouki gave the ring back.

They reconciled in June and Williams returned the ring to Marzouki.

In August, she moved to Buffalo to be with Williams.

Williams broke off the engagement several more times, according to the counter-claim, but never asked for the ring.

"A part of Williams wanted to be married and start a family, while another part wanted to continue to live the life of a wealthy bachelor who could do whatever he wanted, with whomever he wanted, whenever he wanted," according to the counter-claim.

"Williams made it abundantly clear, in writing, to Ms. Marzouki and several others that he wanted her to keep the ring," the claim states.

"Obviously in light of his history with 10 months of engagement breaking it off five different times Williams has a hard time figuring out what he wants and is not a very stable person," said Buzbee in a statement to KHOU 11 News.

Each time, Williams broke off the engagement, Marzouki returned to Houston.

"After breaking up, Williams would later come back to Marzouki pleading for her to take him back," the claim states.

He broke it off for the final time in December of 2012. When he tried to reconcile this time, Marzouki refused, according to the claim.

Williams’ original court filing also claims Marzouki ran up $108,000 on a shared credit card.  Marzouki says in her court filing that the majority of that money, spent with Williams’ blessing, was to furnish "Mr. Williams’ home in Buffalo and for other expenses for Mr. Williams, not for Ms. Marzouki’s personal expenses."

In her counter-claim, Marzouki confirmed she received several gifts from Williams, but never asked for them. In fact, she said she refused to accept some gifts because they "were excessive."

Her counterclaim says Williams’ lawsuit is an attempt to "harass and scare Ms. Marzouki."

Williams was the Texans’ first-round draft pick in 2006.

Marzouki worked for the Houston Texans from May 2007 to January 2009.

Williams and Marzouki are scheduled to appear before a Harris County Civil Court judge later this week.