Wheel thieves target Cypress area

CYPRESS, Texas - A gang of wheel thieves is working its way through neighborhoods in the middle of the night and surveillance video caught them in action.

The video is from an incident that happened in the Villages of Cypress Lakes last month. The 3-man crew jumps out of a vehicle and starts to remove wheels from a car.

"It's like a drill that they do this all the time," said Lieutenant Wayne Schultz with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office. "They're organized with what they do and it appears they don't care about getting caught."

The crooks wear gloves, use tire tools and are stealing wheels, but their goal is to turn around and sell the factory chrome rims.

Lieutenant Schultz says Chevrolet and GMC vehicles seem to be the most popular with crooks. Omar Viveros lives in the Villages of Cypress Lakes and woke up to discover he was a victim.

"I look out the window and I seen the wheels were missing," said Viveros pointing to his Chevy Silverado truck. "They should get a real job because they screw us and they're screwing somebody else."

In the past month, Precinct 4 reported about a dozen vehicles were hit in Cypress neighborhoods between 290 and 249. Some residents woke up to find their vehicles propped up on garden bricks that were probably stolen from another house.

Investigators don't know if the men in the surveillance video are responsible for other cases but with clear shots of two of the suspects, they hope to find them.

They also want to hear from residents who have had garden bricks stolen in hopes of finding a trail to the wheel thieves.

If you have information regarding these thefts, please call 281-376-3472.


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