UH student leads suspect to police

HOUSTON -- A UH student turned the tables on an alleged scam artist and led him right to campus police.

Devin Hill said he had just pulled through the campus McDonald's when a man approached him and said one of his wheels was wobbly.

The man claimed to work for AAA, pulled out a lug wrench, tightened a nut, and then said Hill owed him $350. He also said if he didn't collect the money that he'd lose his job.

Hill told the man he had an emergency credit card in his dorm.

"I said if you follow me down to my dorm, I will go there and I will get it for you and give it to you," said Hill.

Hill was on to the scheme. Instead of driving to the dorm, he called 911 and led the suspect right to the UH police station.

Since they couldn't prove he was actually running a scam, they ticketed the man for driving without a license.


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