Teen murder suspect commits suicide when mother attempts to turn him in

A love triangle turned deadly in west Harris County last night. The suspect accused of shooting and killing his ex's boyfriend turned the gun on himself, committing suicide in front of his own mother and an officer.


KATY, Texas -- A teenager committed suicide in front of his own mother and an officer Sunday just hours after shooting and killing a man, according to Harris County Sheriff's deputies.

The 18-year-old apparently shot himself in front of a substation where his mother attempted to turn him in to authorities.

Officials say a deputy was walking out of the substation on Clay Road when he noticed a black car with its headlights on in the parking lot.

The deputy approached the vehicle and asked the mother and son in the car if they needed any assistance.

According to officials, the woman said she was there to turn her son in for a murder he committed in the 2900 block of Katy Briar Lane earlier that morning.

The deputy then asked the 18-year-old if he did commit the murder. He replied, "yes" before deputies say he got out of the car and drew a weapon to his head.

The deputy drew his weapon and told the young man to drop the gun. Instead, the teen fired once.

He was then transported to the hospital in critical condition where he later died.

Authorities say there was a dispute between the teenager and another man over a girlfriend. The 18-year-old apparently shot and killed the man just after midnight Sunday. 

The victim was identified as James Ayala, 25, an Army veteran and a father of five. 

Darian Mitchell, a friend of the 18-year-old, says he watched the suspect gun down Ayala in his driveway. "I don't know why he was tripping over this one girl, but it was not worth it." Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he and the suspect were hanging out at his home Saturday night when his friend got a call from his girlfriend. 

"He was like, 'What are y'all doing?' and she said, 'I'm cheating on you right now.' He got so mad so he kept yelling. He told her and her boyfriend to come meet us, to talk." Mitchell said. 

The woman and Ayala drove up to the home not long after midnight. The suspect and Ayala got into an argument before the suspect pulled out a gun and apparently shot Ayala. 

Sgt. Cedrick Collier with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said the suspect's mother drove him to the substation after finding out what happened. 

"His mom got out of the vehicle and stated that her son shot someone earlier that day and he was a person of interest. And (her son) stepped out of the vehicle, with a handgun, placed it to his head and pulled the trigger." Collier said. 

Neighbors said the suspect went to Morton Ranch High School and had recently begun turning his life around after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. 

"He sounded like he was doing good. He had a job, he was getting his car. He had everything together and now that I hear this, it's unreal, you know what I mean?" said Aaron Summerour, a neighbor. 


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