Suspects try to steal trailer with homeowner still inside in Liberty County

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas – A 75-year-old man is lucky to be alive after he was kidnapped early Wednesday in Liberty County.

It happened around 2:30 a.m. on County Road 2279.

James Brown was sound asleep in his trailer when he heard some noises. He saw a man and woman stealing it.

"I heard some noise outside. They were getting it prepared to hook off and take off," Brown said.

Brown quickly reached for his phone and called 911, while he couldn't see anything after the electricity was cut off inside.

"I'm sure they got surprised too, not knowing I was inside. When they started to pull off, this door is quite wide. I stuck around this way and tried to shoot it, at the truck, but the door was too wide," Brown said.

The suspects were driving close to 100 miles per hour. It was like a scene from the movies; Brown said he fired six rounds and missed.

"When the officer got behind us, I was throwing the light like this. I could've easily been killed last night because they would kill me to keep me from talking, thanks to good law enforcement," Brown said.

The officer pulled the trailer over but the suspect bailed on foot and the female passenger was in the car.

"I'm not afraid of criminal behavior. I've dealt with a lot of them. Some of them are good guys," said Brown.

Brown has been sleeping in his trailer for the last two months, because he is trying to protect his business.

Brown remained calm the whole time. He credits his doctorates in counseling.

He used to work at the Texas Department of Corrections (now the Department of Criminal Justice) and was a marriage counselor.

Brown says after this ordeal, he is selling his business. As for the suspect, he dropped his ID and officers know who they are looking for.


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