Spring boy followed while riding his bike

SPRING-- Riding a bicycle in the afternoon used to be a 12-year-old boy's favorite thing to do. But for the boy who we've chosen not to identify, that all changed in a matter of minutes.

"I just want to throw this thing away," said the boy gesturing to his dirt bike.

The boy believes it's too dangerous to ride his bike now because of his bizarre encounter with a strange guy driving a car. It began at a Stripes gasoline station located near the boy's neighborhood, where he had ridden his bike to pick up some ice cream.

"He honked at me and then he pulled up and he turned on the street and tried to block me off from where I was trying to go," said the boy.

"I was just really scared."

The boy said he was eager to make a run for it and so he managed to steer his bike around the car. But even after leaving the parking lot, the boy claims the guy in the car continued to harass him, and wound up following him as he rode his bicycle all the way back into his neighborhood.

The boy's father Jason Harris was home when he arrived.

"And he comes in the house like somebody's chasing me, somebody's chasing me," said Harris.

He said his son described the man and the car he was driving. And that's when Harris went out looking for him.

"And I saw a car that was kind of driving that looked out of place. He was driving slow like he was off looking for someone and he matched the description."

Harris says he shared his information with police. Now he's hoping for a quick arrest.

"He was up to no good," said Harris. "No grown man should be chasing a child around doing u-turns and harassing a child."

His son is convinced bad things can happen to any kid.

"I just want to say don't let your guard down," said the boy.

The family has been sharing their warnings over social media.

So far, there's only a vague description of the suspect.


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