Manhunt continues for gunman who shot Waco meteorologist

WACO, Texas - The manhunt continues in Waco after a meteorologist from KHOU's sister station KCEN, was shot outside his news station. Multiple agencies are investigating as they search for the gunman and try to figure out a motive.

"We heard about six or seven gunshots," explained Jim Hice, KCEN's news director. "One right after the other… bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!"

The shots rang out just before 9 a.m. Wednesday. Hice said at first everyone was just confused.

"We started to hear on the scanners that there was an active shooter outside of KCEN and that's kind of when all the bells went off."

Soon after Hice and other station employees looked outside and saw officers patrolling with weapons. A couple minutes later authorities were inside and questions.

One officer asked, "'it was an employee?', like asking us," said Hice. "And we said, 'what are you talking about?' and he said, 'somebody named Patrick?'. And our stomachs just dropped. The room was stunned."

Troopers say that Meteorologist Patrick Crawford was walking to his car when an unknown man walked up to him, exchanged words and then opened fire. Crawford was able to drive about 100 yards to a nearby construction crew where he asked for help. According to troopers thirteen rounds were fired, eleven hit Crawford's vehicle and Crawford was shot twice.

"He was entering the car when the exchange of gunfire, or the gunfire started," explained Senior Trooper DL Wilson with Highway Patrol. "He did an excellent job getting in the car speeding off and probably saved his life."

Once Crawford reached the construction workers, they rendered first aid and called 911. He was transported to a Scott and White Hospital for surgery.

Meanwhile, a manhunt got underway for the gunman.

"He is considered armed and dangerous at this time," Wilson said. "We're still going with [the description of] a white male, 30 to 35, receding hairline, had a black hoodie and dark-colored pants."

Those in the KCEN family are anxious for an arrest.

"For him still to be out there and nobody knows of any direction as to where he went that's frustrating," said Hice.

However, they're relieved that their friend survived.

"He's in the hospital," shared Hice. "His wife is with him, he's in fair condition. And we're being told he's going to be okay which is such a relief."

Troopers do not think that Crawford knew the gunman. As the manhunt continues people in the Waco area are being asked to be extra cautious and to keep their doors locked.


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