Dog disappears after burglary in West Houston

HOUSTON -- A home in West Houston needed some unexpected repairs on Monday following a brazen break-in in broad daylight.

The incident happened in the 9600 block of Richmond Avenue.

"I was very angry," said one of the victims who asked not to be identified. "I don't want nobody to hurt my family."

Police say the thieves kicked open the front door. The victims came face to face with the suspects just after they returned home."

"They put their hand on their belt claiming they had a gun asking me if I wanted to get shot," the victim said.

Then the thieves took off with a bag they had stuffed with jewelry, coins and other household things. But the victims and a family friend, a 2-year-old pet Chihuahua named Hope, were hot on their heels.

"I ran after them. I think she ran a little bit after me."

The victim's caught up with one of the suspects at near a gas station about a block away. They fought with him and held him there until officers could arrive. Police say two other suspects sped away in a grey van, possibly the one seen in cell phone video recorded by a worker at a nearby business. The victims managed to retrieve the stolen goods but lost something far more precious.

"The dog got lost. I think she was scared after she saw all the violence."

And violent break-ins have become common place in the neighborhood, according to a woman who lives across the street.

"It happens all the time on side streets but not on this street," said Suzanna Sisson. "So I think people are more desperate."

Also desperate is a family still searching for the little dog with a brave heart.

"She's a very important family member for us," said the victim.


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