Deputy constables shoot suspect twice in northwest Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A Northwest Harris County family called law enforcement for help around 12:45 pm Monday to deal with their 19-year-old son. The domestic disturbance call ended in a shootout with Precinct 4 deputy constables. The teen was injured, hit in the leg and ankle.

Luis Martinez was working on his car in the driveway when he heard the shots. "Popping sounds, minimum 12, 12 rounds. Something is going on. I heard screams." Martinez added, "I dialed 911 I told 'em what was going on. I'm hearing shots. I'm hearing screams."

The family warned Precinct 4 deputies that the teen had a weapon, a military background and some mental health issues. Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman said, "It appears as if he emptied his weapon and one of the officers emptied theirs."

Across the street, 11-year-old Dominick Gonzalez was in charge of his two younger brothers. "I got my little brothers and told them to lay down in my father's room because his room is further to the back yard and has walls," recalled Gonzelez. Turns out his dad is ex-military and had taught him what to do.

Just three houses away lives Melinda Mendoza, who has 4 young children. Speaking in Spanish, Mendoza said she is afraid about protecting her kids, since they play outside in the street.

Moments after the gunfire ended, Martinez walked up to the scene and said, "There were 3 cops on top of the suspect already." Martinez added women standing next to the suspect started cursing at the teen. Martnez said, "It was some lady. I don't know she was probably related to the dude she was cussing (the teen)—while he was on the ground."


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